Pat’s Headlight Restoration Services

We make your headlights shine like new.

See the Difference

Pat has a special headlight treatment

When I come to your place, I use a treatment that only we can provide, and it is very special treatment, you will be very happy with the work, as it will last a long time.

Look Like It's A Brand New Headlight

Our process makes it just like the day it was new and last.


25+ Years Experience

We have years of experience in other related fields.



We will always treat your vehicle like it was our own.

See the Difference

Headlight Faded?

Let us fix it for you. You will be able to see better at night.

Get Scratches Out

We Polish out the Scratches First.

Protection Coatings

When we are done, there will be a protective coating that will last.

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